torsdag 16. desember 2021

Taiwan’s Tsai urges unity against rising authoritarianism

Addressing a group of visiting French lawmakers, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen called Wednesday for greater unity among democratic nations in the face of rising authoritarianism. Tsai also said the self-governing island republic would take on greater responsibilities to contribute to regional and global peace and stability.

“Democratic allies should strengthen cooperation when facing challenges such as swift changes in international affairs and expansion of authoritarianism,” Tsai said during the meeting at the Presidential Office Building. “Taiwan will take on its responsibilities in the international society and expects to contribute more to the Indo-Pacific region’s peace and stability, as well as the world’s prosperity and development, along with France and other like-minded partners in the European Union,” she said.

The visit by the six members of the French National Assembly offers a valuable opportunity for Tsai to address an international political audience in the face of China’s efforts to isolate the island it claims as its own territory with no right to diplomatic recognition.