torsdag 9. desember 2021

Opinion: Biden Must Defend Democracy Against Rising Authoritarianism

This week, President Biden will meet with more than 100 world leaders, civil society actors and private-sector representatives for the Summit for Democracy. Biden's focus will be on "renewing democracy in the United States and around the world," but should also include the place where the biggest threat to democracy is emerging: the internet.

Russia and China have already proved a formidable adversary to the West by interfering in domestic processes and elections and launching offensive cyberattacks. Now, they are working together to create global cybersecurity norms at the United Nations. The Biden administration must focus on promoting global digital democracy at the Democracy Summit and defend it from authoritarians seeking to undermine the West.

Unsurprisingly, neither Russia nor China was invited to the summit, and both have derided the gathering. Both countries are infamous for promoting forms of digital authoritarianism—using information technology to surveil, repress and manipulate domestic and foreign populations. China pioneered Digital Age censorship with its "Great Firewall."