lørdag 18. desember 2021

Opinion: In China, Wang Huning is the man to see

Pray for Wang Huning. Wang is almost certainly the most dangerous man in the world that most folks have never heard of. He is member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party but is best understood to be the big thinker in President Xi Jinping’s inner circle. Wang is in charge of writing the future of the People’s Republic of China, and he can likely enforce that vision because of his outsize influence with Xi.This is a role Wang has played, remarkably, not just for Xi but also for his immediate predecessors. Imagine a Henry Kissinger intellect combined with Margaret Thatcher’s durability. Xi is powerful enough to tolerate very smart people around him. Wang, from all evidence, is the smartest.

In an October profile of Wang for Palladium magazine, a writer identified as N.S. Lyons outlines the career of this powerful intellectual. “N.S. Lyons” is a pen name for a credentialed scholar and Asia hand in an allied capital with deep knowledge of the Chinese Communist Party. I spoke with him this week. He wrote the piece anonymously because he wants to keep his personal views separate from the institution that employs him. But in this case, his particular views ought to be on the desks of every institution tracking the Chinese Communist Party.