søndag 19. desember 2021

Lao-China Railway feels ‘similar to when I rode the Shinkansen in Japan’

I went to the station at 6 a.m. on the morning of December 4th and waited in line to buy the ticket for the first train leaving at 8 a.m. On the first day of passenger train operations, many people could not buy tickets before the train left. There was widespread disappointment as the passengers demanded the station start selling tickets earlier. I was able to board the EMU CR200J train, a Chinese train officially called the “Lanxang Train,” which runs with the maximum speed of 160 km/h [100 mph].

Currently, only first-class and second-class seats are available, but they will roll out third-class seating later. First-class seats to Boten cost 529,000 kip or about U.S. $53, while second class costs 333,000 kip, equal to $33. There is a sign in front of the ticketing window saying that all passengers must show their ID and proof that they are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Although each station has three or four ticketing windows, they only opened one window.