tirsdag 14. desember 2021

Apple Makes 'Essentially Extortion' Payment to China

Apple company CEO Tim Cook agreed to pay the Chinese essentially a $275 billion extortion payment to make sure that Apple would no longer run afoul of various Chinese economic regulations," trade expert Alan Tonelson said last week.

Tonelson was referring to the news, first reported on The Information site, that Cook had in 2016 signed a five-year, 1,250-word memorandum of understanding with China's National Development and Reform Commission. The deal required the Cupertino-based company, among other things, to help Chinese companies develop "the most advanced manufacturing technologies."

"It used to be technology transfer for market access, but it seems that it's grown in terms of what needs to be given away and how companies need to basically toe the party line," said Jonathan Ward, the author of China's Vision of Victory, to CBS Eye on the World's John Batchelor. "And this isn't just true of Apple. It's true of many, many other iconic American companies."