tirsdag 7. desember 2021

Americans Deserve Clarity, Not Ambiguity, on China and Taiwan

If China were to invade Taiwan tomorrow, should America defend it, to what extent, and why? This question is becoming ever less academic and ever more pressing. For its part, just last week the Biden administration threatened "terrible consequences" should China strike.

Given the increasing urgency of the matter, its outsize geopolitical significance and the way in which any such conflict involving America could escalate—with dramatic implications for our way of life—the American people deserve a genuine national conversation about Taiwan. Elevating the issue would manifestly be in America's national interest: It would be expedient and simply the right thing to do.

A country that has committed so much blood and treasure to farcical, aimless, unbounded engagements for the last two decades in the Middle East deserves nothing less than crystalline clarity on what the Biden administration's intentions are—particularly given the confused message delivered to date.