mandag 8. november 2021

Xi Jinping to lay out vision for China’s future – and past – at key meeting

A meeting of hundreds of members of China’s political elite, which is expected to further consolidate the power of president Xi Jinping, has opened in Beijing. The closed-door, four-day meeting of the ruling Chinese Communist party’s central committee, known as the sixth plenum, is expected to produce a resolution on the history of the party, which analysts say will shape domestic politics and society for decades to come.

Xi opened the plenum on Monday with “explanations on a draft resolution on the major achievements and historical experience” of the party in its 100-year-history, state news agency Xinhua. The historical resolution will be just the third since the founding of the party, following in the footsteps of Mao Zedong, who set out the aims of the party in 1945 with himself as the only true leader, and Deng Xiaoping, whose 1981 resolution condemned the failures of Mao’s rule while salvaging the party.