lørdag 20. november 2021

Xi has been China's own worst enemy

It is easy to look at recent news from China with alarm. Beijing’s recent hypersonic vehicle tests, expanded nuclear arsenal, and bellicosity toward Taiwan have prompted concern by the United States and its allies. But there is some positive news: Xi Jinping is still the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. And few have done more to alert the world to the threat posed by the Chinese communist regime.

Xi has ruled China since 2013. He is the most powerful general secretary since regime founder Mao Zedong. Xi has centralized power in a way that his previous two successors, Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin, would have likely found impossible, if not unthinkable. Under Xi, China has become a world superpower. Beijing's wealth and military power have grown exponentially. Some of this has to do with the results of economic reforms instituted by his predecessors, as well as the priorities of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee. And admittedly, some of this has to do with Xi himself.