mandag 8. november 2021

‘Man of action’ Xi looks to consolidate power at key meeting

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to further consolidate his leadership at a key meeting of the Communist Party’s Central Committee this week amid a flurry of flattering publicity from state media. The Central Committee is made up of more than 300 of the party’s top leaders who include provincial governors and party secretaries as well as financial and military elites. The Beijing meeting, which continues until Thursday, is expected to further pave the way for Xi to secure an unprecedented third term in office at next year’s Party Congress, one of China’s most important political meetings, which is held once every five years.

While the National People’s Congress removed term limits in 2018, enabling Xi to rule China indefinitely, he needs the endorsement of top party leaders, says Tai Wei Lim, a research fellow adjunct at the National University of Singapore’s East Asian Institute.