onsdag 24. november 2021

Hong Kong activist Tony Chung jailed under national security law

A 20-year-old student activist who was arrested while attempting to seek asylum at the US consulate in Hong Kong has become the youngest person sentenced under the city’s draconian national security law. Tony Chung was sentenced to three years and seven months in prison after being convicted of secession and money laundering.

The secession charge related to an activist group that had disbanded in Hong Kong, social media posts, and possession of independence materials which had been made illegal by the national security law. The district criminal court judge Stanley Chan said Chung “played an active role in promoting the independence of Hong Kong”, through the group he founded, which was called Studentlocalism. Chan said even though Chung had disbanded Studentlocalism when the national security law was established – making such activities illegal – Chung “continued his endeavour and the pursuit of his political ideas” through the establishment of a US-based division.