onsdag 3. november 2021

Fortnite to shut down in China as Beijing intensifies video game crackdown

Fortnite is calling it quits in China. The wildly popular battle-royale game, developed by Epic Games, will shut down its local Chinese version on Nov. 15, according to an update on its website. Users were prevented from registering for new accounts starting Nov. 1.

Epic didn’t provide a specific reason for why it was shutting down Fortnite in China. “Fortress Night,” the Chinese version of the game, was launched in 2018 through a partnership with publisher Tencent. The Shenzhen-based tech giant is a significant investor in Epic, owning a 40% stake in the firm. The game technically never had a full launch in China. Instead, it was playable in a “test” mode, excluding some features from the main version like in-app purchases.