søndag 21. november 2021

Chinese Social Platform Bans Users From Flaunting Wealthy Lifestyle

A popular Chinese lifestyle platform has banned wealth-bragging behavior on its site in the latest move to heed the national call to offer healthy online content and better regulate cyberspace. Operators of the Instagram-like Xiaohongshu announcedThursday that they had so far flagged over 8,700 posts and “punished” 240 accounts deemed as having overtly showed off wealth between May to October. The platform, however, didn’t specify the actions taken against such accounts but added that it had improved its artificial intelligence-powered algorithms to recognize wealth-bragging content more accurately.

“The platform will firmly combat such content, which is detrimental to user experience and breeds an unhealthy ethos,” an unnamed representative from Xiaohongshu said in the press release. According to Xiaohongshu’s updated community guidelines that went into effect in April, users are asked to “avoid showing off consumption power far exceeding that of average people.”