torsdag 11. november 2021

Chinese Communist Party resolution cements Xi Jinping’s leadership, putting him on par with Mao

Xi Jinping has been hailed as the creator of a body of “theories and thoughts” in a historical Chinese Communist Party resolution, putting him on par with party immortals Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. The resolution adopted on Thursday sets the stage for next year’s sweeping leadership reshuffle and paves the way for a legacy-defining third term for the president.

In a communique issued at the closure of the sixth plenum, a four-day gathering of China’s top political elite, it summarised the challenges and achievements of the party over the past 100 years. The lion’s share was devoted to highlighting the achievements and progress made under Xi since his ascent to power in 2012. These included the swift and sweeping changes Beijing made to Hong Kong after the 2019 mass protests, which were listed as a major accomplishment along with the wars on corruption and pollution.