fredag 12. november 2021

Chinese agents operating abroad to get Uyghurs deported, ICC told

Chinese officials are operating in foreign countries to get Uyghursdeported back to China by creating visa problems and coercing them into becoming informants, evidence given to the international criminal court alleges. The submission by Uyghur representatives is the third attempt to have the ICC investigate Chinese authorities for alleged crimes against humanity and genocide, including the use of forced deportations of Uyghurs back to China.

Previous complaints were rejected by the court, which was set up to deliver justice for the world’s worst crimes, as China was not a signatory and is outside its jurisdiction. The ICC left the case open and asked for further evidence. Thursday’s brief was submitted on behalf of the self-proclaimed East Turkistan government in exile and the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, which said the new evidence met the ICC’s threshold and included “insider witness testimony” from Uyghurs who had been pressured or forced into working with Chinese officials to have Uyghurs deported from Tajikistan, which is an ICC state party.