tirsdag 9. november 2021

China’s Got A Naval Advantage—Until America Deploys Robots

The Chinese fleet has two big advantages over the U.S. fleet. But there’s one way the Americans might fix this imbalance—robots. The People’s Liberation Army Navy aims to fight close to the Chinese coast, in the China and Philippine Seas. It’s the naval equivalent of “interior lines,” the principle in land warfare that gives defenders an advantage over attackers.

When you’re defending in a circle around a single point, your supply lines are never very long. An attacker, by contrast, must stretch its supply lines over a much longer distance as it chooses one axis of attack or another. In this context the U.S. Navy is the attacker, in the sense that most of its ships must travel thousands of miles from their home ports in order to engage the Chinese navy in the likeliest war zones.