fredag 12. november 2021

China’s ‘Economic Silk Noose’: Indian Ocean – Analysis

China delivered its largest and most advanced warship Type 054A/P frigate named the PNS Tughril to Pakistan as it seeks to beef up the navy of its all-weather ally in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. The frigate is the largest and most advanced warship ever exported by China.

China encircled India through the so-called earlier strategy of’String of Pearls’ by heavily investing in ports, infrastructure and defence exports to India’s immediate neighbours. In the process China made grounds for future bases in the garb of economic development. Now China has further cemented their strategy with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) capabilities and President Xi Jingping continues pushing his ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ initiative across the world. China has leapfrogged over land and sea to strangulate India’s environment of its strategic sphere of influence. China’s present political, economic, military and cultural scenario reveals that its grand design and mission would be one of expansion of its power, influence and dominance. General Rawat; “Aggressive posturing will remain a cornerstone of China’s expansionist policy, which we have to be wary about.”