lørdag 27. november 2021

China is Using Academia Like a Trojan Horse | Opinion

Across western higher education, elite institutions are normalizing authoritarian political systems—such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—when they should instead be under scrutiny. Recently, the University College London's student debating society hosted a discussion where panelists pushed the motion that "Chinese-style" governance could be adopted by other countries—an alarming belief that goes against democratic principles.

The event's panel included Kerry Brown, director of King's College London's Lau China Institute and Victor Gao, executive director of Beijing Private Equity Association and erstwhile translator for the late Deng Xiaoping, architect of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Brown, a member of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, a non-governmental organization with a documented pro-CCP slant, and which routinely parrots dangerous liesabout the situation in Xinjiang, admitted "with heartfelt sincerity"—and without a hint of irony—that he would be "very happy" if the Chinese model could be "brought to Britain" if it were possible. He argued that China's complex model was not easily exportable, and suggested that its nationalistic leadership have little interest in making it so.

Perhaps he needed reminding that this very model of governance is responsible for herding between 1 and 3 million Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims into "re-education" camps in the northwest region of Xinjiang, where they are subject to forced labor, sexual abuse and organ harvesting.