mandag 22. november 2021

China downgrades diplomatic ties with Lithuania over Taiwan row

China has downgraded its diplomatic relations with Lithuania, days after the Baltic state allowed Taiwan to open a de facto embassy there. Lithuania defended its right to have ties with Taiwan, but said it respected the "One China" policy. Taiwan's new office in Lithuania does not equate to official diplomatic relations but could be seen as a sign of growing ties between both places. Beijing considers Taiwan part of China, but Taiwan sees itself as independent.

The new office bears the name Taiwan rather than "Chinese Taipei", the name used by many foreign nations to avoid offending China. This is the island's first new diplomatic outpost in Europe in 18 years. Taiwan has few allies with whom it has formal ties, due to China's pressure. The One China policy is the diplomatic acknowledgement of China's position that there is only one Chinese government. However, it is distinct from the One China principle, whereby China insists Taiwan is an inalienable part of one China to be reunified one day.