lørdag 13. november 2021

Beijing urges US businesses to lobby against China-related bills in Congress

China has been pushing US executives, companies and business groups in recent weeks to fight against China-related bills in the US Congress, four sources familiar with the initiative told Reuters, in letters to and meetings with a wide range of actors in the business community.

Letters from China’s embassy in Washington have pressed executives to urge members of Congress to alter or drop specific bills that seek to enhance US competitiveness, according to the sources and the text of a letter sent by the embassy’s economic and commercial office seen by Reuters. Chinese officials warned companies they would risk losing market share or revenue in China if the legislation becomes law, according to the text of the letter.

The Chinese embassy and the head of its economic and commercial office did not return separate requests for comment. The sources said China’s request also left some individuals who received a letter concerned that they could be seen as violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (Fara) if they lobbied lawmakers on similar issues in the future.