onsdag 10. november 2021

An Answer To The U.S. Navy’s Ship Shortfall Is Staring It In The Face—A New Frigate

China now possesses the biggest navy in the world by number of hulls, the U.S. Defense Department confirmed in its recent report on Beijing’s armed forces. If U.S. leaders choose to catch up, there’s a ship class just waiting for a boost in funding. The fleet’s new missile frigate, which could meet America’s requirement for bigger ships while also being cheap enough to buy in large numbers.

But if the Constellation-class frigate is going to save the U.S. Navy, the White House, service leaders and lawmakers must make some important decisions—and fast. According to the Pentagon’s count, the People’s Liberation Army Navy has 355 front-line ships in three fleets arrayed along the Chinese coast. The U.S. Navy, by contrast, has 305 front-line ships, divided roughly 60-40 between the Pacific and Atlantic Fleets.