lørdag 23. oktober 2021

Rare party resolution will solidify Xi Jinping’s power, but leave China’s succession unclear

In the Chinese Communist Party’s parlance, the words “historic resolution” carry special political significance and implications. Only twice in the party’s 100-year history have the leaders adopted the so-named documents at critical junctures to resolve major issues plaguing the party, altering the course of its history.

The first resolution, issued in 1945 and guided by Mao Zedong, marked the party’s break from the heavy Stalinist influences and established Mao’s thought as the guiding principle to lead the party forward. In 1981, Deng Xiaoping orchestrated the second resolution to repudiate Mao for launching the “Cultural Revolution”, which resulted in turmoil and catastrophe. Although the document continued to uphold Mao’s thought as the guiding principle, it nonetheless strengthened Deng’s authority and united the party’s thinking on his policy of reform and opening up, which paved the way for China’s economic lift-off.

Next month, the party leadership under Xi Jinping is set to discuss and pass the third such resolution.