tirsdag 19. oktober 2021

Narendra Modi: 'Why is the Indian PM's photo on my Covid vaccine certificate?'

A court in the southern Indian state of Kerala is due to hear a petition next week from an unhappy citizen who does not want Prime Minister Narendra Modi's photograph on his Covid-19 vaccine certificate. The man, known as Peter M, wants a new certificate without Mr Modi's picture because, he says, "it violates my fundamental rights". Peter M is a 62-year-old right to information activist and a member of India's main opposition Congress party.

"By putting his picture on my certificate, he's intruding into the private space of citizens. It's unconstitutional and I'm requesting the honourable prime minister to stop this wrong, shameful act immediately," Mr Peter told the BBC on the phone from his home in Kottayam district. "It's inappropriate in a democracy and of absolutely no use to the nation or any individual," he added.

Besides the personal details of the individual, vaccine certificates issued by the Indian health ministry carry Mr Modi's photograph along with two messages in English and local languages.