søndag 3. oktober 2021

Hongkongers in Taiwan Spray Chinese Leader's Portrait Black on Day of Oct. 1 Protests

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists marked China's Oct. 1 National Day on Friday with protests in Taiwan against oppressive behavior by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and warnings of its ongoing attempts to infiltrate the democratic island's media and political life, the first in a string of demonstrations by hundreds of Hong Kongers, Tibetans and Uyghurs in London and Washington.

As thousands of police boosted patrols in Hong Kong and the city's leaders attended an official flag-raising event at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, four members of the League of Social Democrats (LSD) staged a small protest in Wanchai, before being surrounded and searched by police. The four were surrounded by more than 20 police officers as they made their protest, calling for the release of 47 former opposition lawmakers and pro-democracy activists, who are facing subversion charges under the national security law for taking part in a democratic primary.

They were prevented from taking a pedestrian footbridge that leads to Bauhinia Square outside the Convention and Exhibition Centre, but nevertheless managed to display a banner and shout: "Release the 47! Release all political prisoners! Fully democratic elections for the whole country!"