fredag 1. oktober 2021

Chinese ex-official on trial for corruption as Xi Jinping’s purge continues

A former senior Chinese official has been accused of a raft of corruption offences, expelled from the Communist party and put on trial, in the latest case in a purge led by leader Xi Jinping. After a 17-month investigation, China’s top anti-corruption bodies announced the case against the former vice minister of state security Sun Lijun had been sent to prosecutors, state media reported.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said Sun’s “political ambition” was extreme and that he had worked with others to destroy the unity and political security of the party, forming gangs and factions and seizing control of key departments. He had led “a corrupt life” with “no moral bottom line”, and embezzled an unspecified number of funds, the reports said. The agencies also accused him of rumour-mongering, theft and deception, as well as leading an “extravagant” life, accepting large gifts and engaging in “pay for play” schemes. The agencies did not release specific details.