torsdag 7. oktober 2021

China’s new J-16D fighter jet has been deployed to an eastern airbase near Taiwan

China’s military has deployed its new J-16D fighter jet designed for electronic warfare to an eastern airbase near Taiwan, according to satellite imagery and a  People’s Liberation Army source. It comes amid heightened tensions across the Taiwan Strait, with a record number of PLA warplanes sent into the island’s air defence identification zone in recent days as Beijing ramps up its campaign of military intimidation. Beijing claims self-ruled Taiwan as its own territory, to be brought under its control by force if necessary, and the PLA has sent planes into the island’s air defence zone nearly every day in the past year.

Monday saw the biggest show of force so far, involving 56 fighter jets led by dozens of J-16 multirole strike fighters – designed to be used in a possible conflict with Taiwan. It is not clear if the newest electronic warfare version that can jam enemy radars was among them. But a satellite image released on Saturday by Canada-based Kanwa Defence Review shows a J-16D being housed at an airbase in Jiangxi province.