onsdag 13. oktober 2021

China's daunting message to Australia: 'Get ready to fight'

Former prime minister Tony Abbott's controversial visit to Taiwan refuses to go away, with Chinese state media using it as an opportunity to warn Australia of mass fatalities if it dares engage in military conflict with China. Mr Abbott infuriated Beijing with his remarks in Taipei where he told a security forum that China may lash out as its economy slows, accusing Beijing of being a bully and saying Australia – particularly its trade sector – had been unfairly targeted.

Delving into the delicate situation surrounding China's push to reunify Taiwan, he said he was seeking to end Taiwan's international isolation and said other democracies across the world should offer similar support to counter "challenges" posed by its "giant neighbour". In the wake of his comments, China's embassy in Canberra labelled Abbott a "failed and pitiful politician" while foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said his remarks were "extremely absurd".