fredag 22. oktober 2021

China’s Biggest Influencer Pushes a New Message: Buy Chinese

Standing under the blinding glare of eight spotlights, Li Jiaqi waves manically at the camera as he launches into yet another marathon broadcast. “Hello, everyone! Here we are!” he shouts. The 29-year-old is almost unheard of overseas, but in China he’s a bona fide megastar. He has an online following to rival pop star Harry Styles, a string of movie and TV appearances to his name, and a bulging list of brand partnerships. Even his dog — a white bichon named Never — has her own reality show.

Li has built his reputation on being the nation’s personal shopper: a source of trustworthy advice on what — and what not — to buy online. Six evenings a week, he hosts a livestream in which he presents a selection of items he’s chosen to endorse, ranging from makeup to million-dollar rings. Then, he yells his favorite catchphrase: “Buy it!”