søndag 10. oktober 2021

China Voices 'Grave Concerns' About U.S. Submarine Collision in South China Sea

China has expressed "grave concerns" about a U.S. submarine that hit an unknown object in the South China Sea last week. Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Friday that China urged the U.S. to provide details, its purpose of cruising, and whether it caused a nuclear leak or damaged the marine environment, the state-owned newspaper Global Times reported.

U.S. officials, speaking anonymously to the Associated Press, on Thursday said that an American nuclear submarine hit the object while submerged in waters in the South China Sea, injuring 11 sailors on board. The submarine remains "fully operational" the officials said, with the U.S. Navy later adding that there were no life-threatening injuries.

In a short statement on Twitter, the U.S. Pacific Fleet provided little detail on the incident, apart from that the US Connecticut struck the unknown object on October 2. It added that the incident will be investigated. U.S. defense officials later told CBS News that none of the weapons on board were damaged in the incident.