fredag 8. oktober 2021

China threatens ‘irreparable damage’ to Australia relationship over Taiwan support

It has only been a matter of days since former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott flew in Taiwan, but it has not taken long his visit to trigger an irate response from China. The Communist Party’s propaganda mouthpiece has fired off overnight in a brutal editorial that warns its relationship with Australia will “suffer irreparable damages” if it takes a couple of seemingly minor steps in the region.

The former Aussie Prime Minister landed in Taiwan on Tuesday after a weekend in which China flew a record number of fighter jets over the island’s airspace. He has been vocal in his support of Taiwan remaining a democratically run island in the face of what he calls China’s “challenges”. He is not visiting Taiwan in any official capacity. However, China’s state-run media outlet The Global Times has reacted with fury to the visit and what it sees as an increasingly hostile attitude from Canberra over the issue of Taiwan. It warned Australia risked becoming a “chess piece” in the United States’ “anti-China strategy”.