tirsdag 26. oktober 2021

China places Lanzhou under lockdown amid fresh wave of delta COVID-19 cases

China locked down its northwestern city of Lanzhou, home to four million people, on Tuesday amid a spike in local cases of the delta variant of COVID-19. Residents of Lanzhou, provincial capital of Gansu province, must stay home, amid tight controls on who can enter and leave the city, the said in a statement. "Residential communities of all types are to implement closed management," the local government in a statement, as China reported 29 new domestic infections on Tuesday.

China has reported 198 confirmed delta variant cases since Oct. 17, 39 of which have been in Lanzhou. Train, bus, and taxi services have been suspended, including on routes to Beijing and the northern city of Xi'an. The move came after authorities in the capital imposed entry restrictions on travelers from COVID-19 hotspots amid a wave of infections.