søndag 3. oktober 2021

China Energy Risks Rise with AUKUS Security Deal

China may face a significant challenge to its energy security if it tries to retaliate against Australia for plans to acquire nuclear submarine technology from the United Kingdom and the United States. On Sept. 16, Beijing blasted the announcement one day earlier that Australia will join in a new security partnership known as AUKUS that plans to develop a nuclear powered submarine fleet "to sustain peace and stability across the entire Indo-Pacific region."

At a press conference, China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, made it clear that China did not buy the assurance of senior U.S. officials in a background briefing for reporters that the security initiative "is not aimed or about any one country." The submarine deal "has seriously undermined regional peace and stability, intensified the arms race and undermined international non-proliferation efforts," Zhao said, according to a ministry transcript. "China always believes that any regional mechanism should ... contribute to enhancing mutual trust and cooperation among regional countries. It should not target any third party or undermine its interests," Zhao said.