lørdag 23. oktober 2021

As regional tensions rise, Japan's ground troops hold their first military drills in decades

For the first time in almost 30 years, Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) is conducting a massive nationwide military exercise to prepare troops for potential conflict. Since mid-September, about 100,000 personnel, 20,000 vehicles and 120 aircraft have been participating in various exercises across the country focused on operational readiness.

In recent years, the Indo-Pacific regional has become a focal point of tension, with GSDF officials saying the security environment surrounding Japan is the worst it's been since the end of World War II. "This Ground Self-Defense Force exercise is truly focused on improving operational effectiveness, deterrence and response capabilities," said Col. Noriko Yokota, GSDF spokesperson. "Each unit is conducting the exercise with an eye to what is necessary to achieve this goal. They are preparing themselves so that they can respond with confidence when they are forced to take further action."