tirsdag 19. oktober 2021

After Corona, Can We Get Our Data Back?

Although it’s become common to think of our world in terms of “Before Corona” and “After Corona,” the vast majority of the planet is still years from leaving the pandemic in the rearview mirror. In the nearly two years since the first cases were identified, the number of recorded infections worldwide has passed 200 million, and over 4 million have died. Even in countries with high vaccination rates like Singapore, a return to “normal” has proven elusive.

In China, which has recorded only sporadic outbreaks over the past 18 months and where life has largely resumed, the emergence of just a handful of new cases in a region will typically trigger a host of strict preventative measures, including traffic controls, mass screenings, and lockdowns. Even in areas without active outbreaks, mask-wearing, temperature checks, and health passports remain widespread, and with the Winter Olympics looming early next year, there are few signs that this will change anytime soon.