mandag 25. oktober 2021

A Guide to a new Hong Kong

Welcome to Welcome to the Chinese city of Xiang Gang, formerly known as Hong Kong.One year after the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) imposed its national security law, the city Hongkongers once knew and loved is no more. It has become Xiang Gang, a city under the the direct control of Beijing.

There is, however, no new thing under the sun. And authoritarian rule tends to repeat the same pattern.We invite you to browse the five halls of our online exhibit on Hong Kong under the CCP, and find out more about these patterns as they have played out in China, both historically, and in the present. Oh, and we just thought we'd mention this. To avoid problems with (ahem) national security, please leave your brain behind at the door.

Turn on the light to see the content of each hall. Turn it off again to see hidden content.Ready for the guided tour?