tirsdag 12. oktober 2021

44% of China’s Urban Young Women Don’t Plan to Marry, Survey Says

Close to half of urban young women and nearly a quarter of men said they do not plan to marry, according to a recent surveyconducted by the Communist Youth League and reported by state-run newspaper Guangming Daily. They’re not too sure about falling in love, either. About 44% of women respondents said they do not plan to marry, compared to nearly 25% of men. The survey was conducted by the Research Center of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and involved unmarried urbanites aged 18-26.

As China seeks to boost birth rates, many of its young people have doubts about starting families. An estimated 8 million couples married in 2020, compared to 13 million in 2013, a 39% drop, according to official statistics. “In recent years, more and more young people are wandering outside the marriage hall,” said the Youth League report. “It has become a potential risk for the whole of society.”

A total of 2,905 unmarried urban youth aged 18 to 26 participated in the survey and follow-up interviews.