søndag 26. september 2021

When Will Tibet Be Liberated From China, And How?

It is now more than six decades since China forcibly occupied Tibet by sending its military and massacred the protesting Tibetans mercilessly. The Dalai Lama and his followers were left with no alternative other than leaving Tibet and China has been taking stern steps to consolidate its hold over the Tibetan region. It has been systematically taking measures to dilute the Tibetan race by settling native Chinese in Tibet and brainwashing the present generation of Tibetans who have not seen the Dalai Lama. China is trying to rewrite the history of Tibet .

However, it is now clearly seen that China has not been fully successful in crushing the Tibetan spirit. This is more than well proven by the fact that China is not willing to permit citizens from any other country to visit Tibet and see the conditions for themselves in this great Buddhist region. Obviously, China has more to conceal than reveal in Tibet. China is now guarding Tibet with an iron curtain.