fredag 24. september 2021

UK Warned Hong Kong Critics To Avoid China Extradition Nations: Campaigner

A prominent rights campaigner said Thursday Britain had warned him and other Beijing critics to avoid travel to countries that have an extradition agreement with China because of Hong Kong's national security law. China is remoulding Hong Kong in its own authoritarian image, armed with a national security law that has outlawed much dissent and crushed its democracy movement. Beijing claims universal jurisdiction for the security law, meaning it can pursue anyone, regardless of their nationality or location, for perceived offences.

Bill Browder, a US-born British citizen who has campaigned for international sanctions against various countries, said he was recently warned by Britain's Foreign Office that Beijing might target him and other activists if they travelled to countries willing to send suspects to China. "They indicated to me that I should be aware of those countries that continue to have extradition treaties with Hong Kong and China and then read off a list of those places," Browder told AFP.

China has extradition agreements with about 60 countries, ranging from democracies such as Spain to authoritarian states like Iran.