onsdag 22. september 2021

Today’s Wikipedia: Climate change in China

Climate change in China is having major effects on the economy, society and the environment. China is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide, through an energy infrastructure heavily focused on fossil fuels and coal. Also, other industries, such as a burgeoning construction industry and industrial manufacturing contribute heavily to carbon emissions. However, like other developing countries, on a per-capita basis, China's carbon emissions were considerably less than countries like the United States: as of 2016, they were the 51st most per capita emitter. It has also been noted that higher-income countries have outsourced emissions-intensive industries to China.

China is suffering from the negative effects of global warming in agriculture, forestry and water resources, and is expected to continue to see increased impacts. China's government is taking some measures to increase renewable energy, and other decarbonization efforts, vowing to be carbon neutral by 2060 by adopting “more vigorous policies and measures.”

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