lørdag 18. september 2021

The Tiananmen Museum Is Dead, Long Live the Tiananmen Museum!

Last Thursday, citizens of Hong Kong watched in surprise while the police blocked Mong Kok Road around the Ngai Wong Commercial Building. Later, armed police were seen carrying away boxes of material, and it became clear that they had raided the June 4th Museum, which collected memories of the Tiananmen Square carnage of June 4, 1989.

The museum had already been closed by the police on June 2, under the pretext of alleged breaches of health regulations and administrative rules. Now, it has been definitively uprooted.

The June 4th Museum hosted a unique collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents about the students’ fight for democracy and its merciless repression in 1989. Among the most symbolic items were some of the banned statues of the Goddess of Democracy that the students had placed in Tiananmen Square and the police had destroyed, and a bottle of liquor produced clandestinely by pro-democracy activists in Sichuan in 2016 to commemorate the victims of Tiananmen. Those who were involved in the liquor production were all arrested, but one bottle found its way to Hong Kong.