lørdag 18. september 2021

London: Reminders of CCP Oppression May Surround the World’s Largest Chinese Embassy

Following a landmark vote by Tower Hamlets local authority in March, councilors agreed in principle that in solidarity with persecuted groups in the PRC, the roads surrounding the former Royal Mint would be re-named in their honor, in the area where the largest Chinese embassy in the world is planned to be built. The local authority agreed in March to investigate the name changes proposed by councilor Rabina Khan, but action is pending while the planning application is processed.

Waving signs demanding Tower Hamlets borough council fulfils its promise to rename the streets, more than a hundred protesters and supporters took their stance against the towering gates of the iconic building which has been bought for an estimated $292 million. Flanked by a skeleton police cordon and agitated security guards from within the compound, councilors who had supported the fight for the name changes spoke of the history of Tower Hamlets which has not been without its own struggles against racism and prejudice.