søndag 5. september 2021

Laos’ High School Graduates Flocking to Chinese Studies in University

Recent high school graduates in Laos are increasingly opting to study Chinese at university in hopes of finding better employment, indicating that the country's youth feel that Laos’s future lies with Beijing, students told RFA. Chinese investment in Laos was a mere 1.5 percent of its total foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2003, but Beijing accounted for 79 percent of FDI in Laos in 2018. The sharp rise in investment has prompted job hunters in Laos to view proficiency in the Chinese language as an essential skill.

A student who graduated from a high school in the capital Vientiane told RFA’s Lao Service that students are flocking to the Chinese language major because they believe that after graduation it will be easier to find a high-paying job, and that most businesses will need workers who can speak Chinese. Another recent graduate from the northeastern province of Hua Phanh told RFA that he chose to take the entrance exam to the National University of Laos to major in Chinese language as his first choice and English language as a second choice.

“I think in the future businesses will need people who know Chinese. At the present time, markets here in the northern parts of Laos mostly sell products from China,” the Hua Phanh student said.