mandag 20. september 2021

Hong Kong sees patriots inducted into new election committee

An election for Hong Kong's new Election Committee (EC) which only allowed "patriotic" candidates to run has concluded. The EC is responsible for choosing the city's next leader. It is the first poll since sweeping reforms to its electoral system were passed. The number of registered voters was also slashed by almost 97%.

Critics had earlier warned the voting reforms were designed to remove all opposition from the city's parliament. The electoral reform law which was passed in May, was designed to weed out "non-patriots". It also saw the EC given new powerful responsibilities, allowing it to nominate all candidates for LegCo - the city's parliament. This allows for a pro-China panel to vet and elect candidates, which critics said reduced democratic representation.

Only one opposition-leaning candidate running in the election won, with Tik Chi-yuen telling reporters afterwards that "there is at least some room for us [the opposition]".