tirsdag 21. september 2021

Hong Kong leader defends election after single opposition figure makes it to 1,500-strong committee

Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, has defended the weekend’s election of a powerful committee to appoint senior leaders, after just one non-establishment candidate was elected among the 1,500 positions. Under an overhauled electoral system, dubbed “patriots rule Hong Kong”, fewer than 5,000 people were eligible to vote on Sunday, choosing from candidates who had already been vetted for political loyalty and cleared of being a national security threat.

The results saw primarily Beijing loyalists and pro-establishment figures elected to the committee. The group will choose nearly half the Hong Konglegislature next year, and a new leader for the territory. Just two candidates described by local media as opposition-leaning, were able to run. Only one, Tik Chi-yuen, was elected.

On Tuesday at her regular press briefing Lam rejected criticisms of the lack of opposition figures among the candidates and eligible voters, saying “non-patriots” were not allowed to enter the establishment of Hong Kong as they may undermine it.