onsdag 1. september 2021

Hong Kong exodus set to accelerate in 2022

More Hongkongers are expected to leave their home city later this year or in 2022 as tens of thousands of people have applied to move to the United Kingdom via their British National Overseas (BNO) status. The UK Home Office has said there were 64,900applications for BNO visas between January 31 and June 30. As of June 30, about 47,300 people have been granted visas, which will allow them to gain UK citizenship within six years.

About 25,600 out-of-country applications for BNO visas were filed in the second quarter, up from 20,600 in the first quarter. The number of in-country applications, under the policy of leave outside the rules (LOTR), which allows Hong Kong people to enter the UK before submitting their visa applications, fell to 5,000 from 13,700 during the period.