lørdag 25. september 2021

Chinese Official Calls For Upgrade to Nationwide Security Network

A top Chinese law enforcement official has called on police and local governments to step up their use of big data, artificial intelligence, and networked security cameras to stem potential social unrest in times of "growing uncertainty."

Chen Yixin, secretary general of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s political and legal affairs commission that overseas domestic security, called on law enforcers to "lay a solid foundation for social governance and security now." He told a meeting on grassroots governance on the southern province of Guangdong on Sept. 19 that the move would implement instructions from CCP leader Xi Jinping to "study new measures to improve grassroots social governance capabilities."

The security situation at home and overseas was getting more complex, with a growing risk of instability, Chen was quoted by state media as saying.

"Grassroots social governance has faced some new situations and new problems, which require us to conduct in-depth research [and] continue to innovate with ideas and new measures," he said, citing sexual assault of "left-behind children" and human trafficking as top of the priority list. "For serious criminal crimes in rural areas, it is necessary to overcome the problem of insufficient police force in grassroots police stations," Chen said.