torsdag 23. september 2021

China, US Face Off at United Nations Amid Concerns Over Growing Authoritarianism

U.S. President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping traded veiled barbs in their speeches to a United Nations general assembly meeting on climate change, with Xi hitting out at "ideological disputes" and Biden warning against authoritarianism and referring to the mass persecution of ethnic minorities in China's Xinjiang region.

"The authoritarians of the world may seek to proclaim the end of the age of democracy, but they’re wrong," Biden told the U.N. "The future will belong to those who give their people the ability to breathe free, not those who seek to suffocate their people with an iron hand," he said.

In a possible reference to China's threat to invade the democratic island of Taiwan, Biden said the U.S. would "oppose attempts by stronger countries to dominate weaker ones, whether through changes to territory by force, economic coercion, technological exploitation, or disinformation."

"We all must call out and condemn the targeting and oppression of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities when it occurs in — whether it occurs in Xinjiang or northern Ethiopia or anywhere in the world," he said, in a reference to the mass incarceration and persecution of Turkic-speaking Uyghurs and other ethnic groups by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.

Xi warned that "sooner or later, the threats faced by other countries will soon become your own challenges," and called for an end to cliquishness and "zero-sum game" thinking.