tirsdag 28. september 2021

China lets US siblings return home after three years

Two American siblings banned from leaving China for the last three years have been allowed to go home. Cynthia and Victor Liu, along with their mother, were accused of "economic crimes" while on a visit to China. They said Chinese authorities restricted them to lure their father back to face fraud charges.

The latest move coincides with the high-profile release of Chinese tech executive Meng Wanzhou and two Canadians over the weekend. Critics have in the past accused China of using ordinary citizens as political bargaining chips, in what is known as "hostage diplomacy". China has always denied this. On Monday, US senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren said in a statement that Cynthia and Victor Liu were back home "after three difficult years being held in China as pawns for the Chinese government".

They added that the siblings' mother, Sandra Han, was also a US citizen and was "detained in China". The senators said they were working with the US government to secure her release.