lørdag 11. september 2021

China Claims Upper Hand Over Biden After Contentious Phone Call with Xi

China on Friday attempted to portray the latest phone call between President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden as evidence that Beijing has the upper hand in increasingly contentious relations between the two countries, noting the U.S. initiated the exchange as it has for most other recent high-level talks.

Their call, the second between the two leaders since Biden became president, "highlighted Washington's growing anxiety and need for China's cooperation on key global issues including climate change, COVID-19 fight and Afghan issues," China's English-language Global Times, considered a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, wrote in a post Friday morning, citing a series of local analysts.

It emphasized multiple times what it considers the "huge pressure" Biden now faces amid a series of mounting international crises that require at least some form of coordination between Washington and Beijing: fallout from the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Western-backed government's shocking collapse, gloomy new public health assessments amid the troubling rise of the delta variant of the coronavirus, rising tensions in the western Pacific as an emboldened Beijing exercises its growing economic and military power, and the ravaging effects of climate change that have been particularly evident across the U.S.