tirsdag 7. september 2021

A Tutoring Powerhouse Is Shutting Amid China’s Education Clampdown

A day before schools resumed classes after summer vacation Wednesday, one of China’s leading tutoring companies announced it was shutting after nearly three decades of operations, as ripples from the country’s education clampdown spread wider.

Juren Education said it would close all of its centers nationwide due to “operational difficulties,” according to the company’s statement. While Juren will not refund currently enrolled students, the company said it will collaborate with other education organizations to continue providing tutoring sessions. The fall of Juren came just over a month after China announced its latest education reforms in late July, banning extra-curricula training on weekends and holidays, as well as prohibiting profit-making operations. The so-called “double reduction” reforms aim to reduce the academic burden on students and end unfair competition among students.

The government’s decision has affected thousands of tutoring centers and left parents who enrolled their children to gain a competitive edge over their peers anxious. Meanwhile, leading online teaching platforms such as Whales English have abruptly shut, and ByteDance’s move to slash its education business, along with job cuts in several online education companies, have affected countless employees.