tirsdag 3. august 2021

Withdrawal Of US Troops From Afghanistan And The Future Of Central Asia

The United States and the NATO alliance have officially begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden says this is the beginning of an end to the war. They have already handed over control of Bagram Airfield, 25 kilometers north of the capital Kabul, to the Afghan government. Earlier this year, Biden set a deadline of September 11 for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, but the BBC reported on July 9 that the withdrawal would be completed by August 31. But looking at the activities of the army, it seems that they will not take that much time. Analysts expect the full withdrawal to be completed by mid-July.

Meanwhile, the event of the withdrawal of US troops has raised concerns in Central Asia severely. Anxiety is especially prevalent in Pakistan, Iran, China and India. The root cause of anxiety – Security Issues. In the last twenty years, the United States has spent nearly two and a half trillion US dollars on Afghanistan.